Our Services – DOFF Cleaning render/pathways etc

Ferris Painting Contractors’ services include: The external cleaning of Buildings/Premises using the DOFF Integrated Pressure Washer/Steam Cleaning system – a pressure Washer/Sandblaster alternative.

The Doff Integrated Steam Cleaner – A Pressure Washer & Sandblaster alternative. The Rolls Royce of low-pressure high-temperature masonry cleaners. It will rid walls and hard landscapes/pathways of organic matter and kill spores without using chemicals or damaging the substrate/building underneath.

  • Ideal for Pre-finished Render / K. Rend

What is DOFF cleaning?

The DOFF system is a steam-based cleaning system. It utilises the powerful capabilities of steam to achieve exceptional cleaning, heating the water to 150°C to create a more effective system than any other means of steam cleaning. The pressure and temperature of the water can be easily adjusted by the operator, making the DOFF system a versatile solution for a variety of stubborn marks.

How does DOFF cleaning work?

It uses a combination of high-temperature steam, and an adjustable nozzle to adapt the pressure, to work away the most difficult marks and biological matter, including paint residues, limescale, bitumen, and lichen. It’s not a high-pressure device, so it is gentle enough to be used on a range of softer materials like wood and soapstone, and its water usage is low.

Does DOFF Work Without the use of chemicals?

If you’re having problems with moss, algae, fungi or any other kind of biological matter, the superheated water is capable of instantly detaching these substances from walls, whilst also killing any potential spores. Due to the effectiveness of DOFF’s steam system, there’s no need to apply chemical biocide solution to your designated cleaning area, either as a removal technique or to prevent biological activity in future.

What surfaces do DOFF cleaning work on?

DOFF is most commonly used to remove graffiti from bricks and stonework. However, it is ideal for cleaning all kinds of marks and dirt from both indoor and outdoor surfaces, including concrete, tiles and wood, and is useful for floors, walls, steps and pavements.

DOff Cleaning
DOff Cleaning
DOff Cleaning
DOff Cleaning
DOff Cleaning
DOff Cleaning
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