Below lists the core services that Ferris provide to our clients

Commercial Painting & Decorating

External/Internal Redecoration & Repair of your Buildings & Premises.

Pre-decorative repair

Your project's associated pre-dec Carpentry repairs including Repair care.

General cleaning

General cleaning PVCU windows/Doors etc,

UPVC Replacement & Refurbishment

UPVC Replacement/Refurbishment

DOFF Cleaning render/pathways etc.

DOFF Cleaning render/pathways etc.

Our experienced management team have worked on a variety of projects and always aim to fulfil the needs of our clients. A Supply chain is in place for activities outside of core work type. The General Works consist of the Internal/external redecoration & Pre-Dec Repair on a variety of buildings.

Each project is different and requires the ability to understand, manage and adapt to our clients’ needs prior to working on site. Areas such as specific Site sensitivities or Health and Safety issues.

For example, many of the school projects that Ferris have undertaken for Hampshire County Council have been carried out in term-time when pupils and staff have been in-situ. On such occasions, an especially sensitive approach has been taken by both management and staff.

Ferris decorator at work
Ferris decorator at work
Ferris decorator at work
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